Our story.

Our story

Our mission is to develop and deliver investment solutions that accelerate the transition to a net zero, nature and climate resilient future.

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A global first

Climate Asset Management was formed in 2020 as a joint venture of HSBC Asset Management and Pollination, with the ambition to grow the world’s leading asset management company in natural capital.
We aim to provide investment solutions that are good for nature, people and our planet.

Our people and our partnerships are what drive our success. Our people bring decades of experience across asset management, natural capital investing, and carbon markets. We partner with highly experienced operators and project developers to deliver on-the-ground, local expertise.

We benefit from a unique combination of market access, insights and deep experience provided by our shareholders and their group of companies.

Our strategies seek to work across landscapes to build resilience whilst generating returns, both financial and in the form of carbon credits.

Our investment strategies are grounded in nature based investments, including sustainable forestry, regenerative agriculture, and nature based carbon projects, alongside exploration of new forms of natural capital.

Our economies, livelihoods and well-being all depend on our most precious asset: Nature.”
The Dasgupta Review, 2021

What is natural capital?

Natural capital is the world's natural assets that contribute to, protect and support life on earth. It includes land, soil, oceans, air, trees, plants, animals and the processes that ensure their health, protection and restoration. Natural capital makes human life possible.

We intrinsically know that nature is priceless – in mainstreaming natural capital in existing asset classes, we seek explicitly to value nature in economic terms.

We believe natural capital represents an opportunity for investors not only to generate long-term value from the finite and essential resources that support life on our planet, but also to manage them in a way that enhances those assets for future generations.

Why invest in natural capital?

Driven by the challenges of climate change and loss of biodiversity, investors are increasingly looking for ways to transition towards a more sustainable growth creation philosophy, which focuses on regeneration rather than extraction.

Our strategy of investing in natural capital aims to provide investors with exposure to scarce assets that provide fundamental services, which can generate or enhance value creation through sustainable strategies.

There are a number of factors that signal opportunities to create long-term value from natural capital investing.  They include population growth, finite arable land availability and increasing wealth.

There is increasing regulatory and consumer pressure for the protection of climate and biodiversity.

Investors are better able to diversify their portfolios, increase climate resilience and accelerate their transition towards net zero.

Commercial returns

Driven by strong macro and policy tailwinds; upside from carbon markets and monetisation of ecosystem services.

Sustainable impact

Improved landscape and biodiversity outcomes; carbon sequestration to fight climate change.

Risk management

Defensive assets with negative or low correlation to equities and bonds; positively correlated to inflation and carbon prices.

Leadership advantages

Demonstrate to investors real action in transitioning portfolio to lower emissions; support leaders in sustainability initiatives to amplify impact.

Scaling our impact

Climate Asset Management is one of the three Founding Partners of the Natural Capital Investment Alliance. Established by His Majesty King Charles III in his former role as The Prince of Wales under his Sustainable Markets Initiative, the Alliance aims to mobilise US$10 billion towards natural capital themes.

The Alliance seeks to foster impact-oriented natural capital investment solutions and explore the investment propositions needed to restore and maintain highly biodiverse natural ecosystems worldwide. It also aims to harmonise investor-centric descriptions of natural capital investment opportunities.

As part of his Sustainable Markets Initiative, in his former role as The Prince of Wales, His Majesty King Charles III launched the ‘Terra Carta’ – a charter that provides a roadmap to 2030 for businesses and investors to move towards an ambitious and sustainable future. A future that will harness the power of nature combined with the transformative power, innovation and resources of the private sector.

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Climate Asset Management’s investment solutions are designed for institutional investors seeking access to natural capital investments and corporates transitioning to net zero.

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