Impact is our north star.

Going beyond traditional impact assessment to create value for our investors.

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Climate Asset Management has developed a pioneering approach to measuring, valuing, reporting, and delivering impact, going beyond traditional impact assessment methodologies to create value for our investors.
Underpinned by international natural capital assessment methods, our proprietary framework measures and quantifies impact using a holistic ecosystems-based approach.
We aim to ensure the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards are set and then operate to meet those standards to deliver sustainable investments with commercial returns over the lifetime of the asset.
We need to ensure that the realisation of nature’s value is manifested in real transactions. It must become part of the day-to-day business of financing the economy.”
James Cameron Pollination Senior Adviser, former founder and Chairman of Climate Change Capital, the world’s first green investment bank.

Approach to ESG

Maximising positive impact, ESG outcomes and managing material ESG risks supported by robust measurement, reporting and verification.

Climate Asset Management has developed a robust investment framework and governance process to support capital deployment, based around the risk management and compliance process required by its institutional ownership structure.

To achieve our strategy of delivering impact at scale, Climate Asset Management has developed a comprehensive ESG and Impact (ESG-I) management framework, providing the procedures and tools to assess and manage material risks and impacts throughout the investment process and during the ongoing portfolio management and monitoring.

Our framework provides a consistent approach to integrating ESG matters into the investment sourcing and management, whilst collecting the underlying data to quantify the impact and demonstrate the additionality of our investments.

The focus of our ESG-I management framework is to drive positive impacts whilst managing any material ESG risks and impacts in line with a ‘do no significant harm’ approach, supported by a robust measurement, reporting and verification framework for assets including portfolio level and asset specific KPIs.

The selected standards and norms that underpin Climate Asset Management’s ESG-I Framework are representative of the current best-in-class ESG-I standards in the market.

Standards & Norms
  • Equator Principles

  • HSBC

  • United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner

  • United Nations

  • Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

  • Principles for Responsible Investment

Pioneering impact framework

Pioneering a new approach to measuring, reporting and valuing impact.

Measurable, additional and long-term impact is a fundamental principle of our investment strategy. We believe that environmental impact and economic impact are not mutually exclusive: they work hand in hand.

The investment process begins with a quantification of the potential for natural capital value creation, developing positive impact targets across our key impact areas.

We will then steward each project over the investment period, using an industry-leading, proprietary tool to measure long-term impact, monitoring and reporting progress against all targets.

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Climate Asset Management’s investment solutions are designed for institutional investors seeking access to natural capital investments and corporates transitioning to net zero.

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